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Ken Jennings Provides Hope For 'Fellow Carbon-Based Life Forms'

Of all the words written about the phenomenon of IBM's supercomputer Watson defeating two humans on "Jeopardy" this week, we prefer those of Ken Jennings, who was actually there.

Is Watson "really head and shoulders above the best human 'Jeopardy!' players, the way it looked on TV? Not by a long shot," writes Jennings, the champion of 74 straight"Jeopardy" matches who was bested by Watson, in a New York Daily News piece.

"So take heart, fellow carbon-based life forms! Watson may be an intimidating quiz show presence, but it needed more than smarts to get the win. It also needed superhuman reflexes, a divided opposition and a little luck."

In this fascinating piece on Slate, Jennings analyzes his gameplay against Watson and the psychology of winning past "Jeopardy" matches.



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