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NBC's Thursday-Night Lineup Bombs Big-Time

NBC's new three-hour Thursday night comedy block bombed spectacularly last week, according to TV By The Numbers.

The dismal numbers marked not only the lowest regularly scheduled original programmed night of the season, but also apparently tied with ratings for a previous Thursday night as the network's lowest ever Thursday with original programming for adults 18-49. "So much for 'Comedy Night Done Right,'" writes the blog's Robert Seidman

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  1. Jonathan Mirow from BroadbandVideo, Inc., February 23, 2011 at 1:43 p.m.

    Let's see - "The Office" initially quirky, but often irritating - provides a look at the Office from hell. Next. "Parks & Recreation" - never saw it, title sounds bad. "30 Rock" - we love Tina Fey, but pretty self-indulgent stuff (kinda like if I launched a comedy about a mid-western video producer who was also a serial commentator on MediaPost - maybe funny to me...) and finally "Outsourced" - the only thing worse would be a show entitled "You're Fired and We're Foreclosing on your House". Big laughs here. Uh-huh. We used to run "Quincy" in the mid 80's at 10pm against local news and get better numbers than these. Yow.

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