85% of Marketers Going Mobile

  • February 27, 2011
More and more brands are directing resources to mobile advertising, according to a new survey from DM2 Media and Jumptap. According to the study, nearly 85% of marketers are doing some form of mobile marketing or advertising, and many (60%) that have near-term mobile marketing plans are paying for the programs out of their online budget. Twenty percent said mobile will be a separate line item.

According to the survey of nearly 350 mobile marketing executives, targeting is the most important attribute when selecting a partner. Nearly three-quarters said targeting was their top priority. The survey aggregates responses from nearly 350 mobile advertising executives including brands. Advertisers were almost evenly split between using the format for direct-response campaigns and branding, and nearly two-thirds (62%) participate in a mobile ad network or exchange.--Aaron Baar

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