Staying Connected

I’m currently sitting on a plane coming home from California, stubbornly refusing to pay for this overpriced on-plane WiFi. The pile of homework that I neglected this weekend is coming back to haunt me and it all requires internet use. It seems that I’ve gotten myself into quite the pickle.

But, does it have to be like this? Are there devices out there that can help my problem? Will there ever be?

I really do not know the answer to those questions… I’m writing with hopes that one of my readers has those answers.

Some planes have WiFi services available, rarely are they free. Sometimes even the airport WiFi can cost you a nice fee. It would be awesome if there were devices created to allow us to create a WiFi connection while flying. Yes, I understand things get a bit confusing when you’re 30,000+ feet off the ground but if a plane can offer a connection there must be some kind of way to configure this “dream device.” Right?

I’ve seen Sprint, Verizon and numerous other cellular companies create devices that plug in to your computer which allows the user to get a WiFi connection using that companies cellular signal. On a plane, those would obviously not work but is there a possibility of a similar device being created?



I have traveling devices that allow me to charge my electronic equipment. Pre-flight I charge my device and plug that into my computer or phone on-flight to keep a full battery. Would it be possible to charge a device with Ethernet or WiFi signal before a flight and plug that into your computer on-flight to receive the signal? Maybe I’m being a bit outlandish but there HAS TO BE a way… Somehow…Our technology is way too advanced for this to be impossible!

I’m no genius and you might be laughing right now at the stupidity of my inquiry but I’m genuinely curious on the topic.

Please feel free to leave me feedback; I’d appreciate all insightful responses!

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