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Justin Ochoa

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  • Another Life Saver in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/20/2011

    This is one of my favorite iPhone applications. I can't wait to ramble about this! Square is an application and iPhone attachment combination that allows iPhone users to accept/make credit card payments on their device. Also, it allows the person taking the payment to generate a receipt containing a picture of the purchased product [...]

  • Virtual Classrooms? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/30/2011

    Yesterday I had the luxury of enjoying my very first virtual class. Using a website called "Aplia" my Media Economics class was held on the world wide web. All we had to do was log into our already existing Aplia account and join that day's lecture. It was as simple as that. [...]

  • iMarchMadness in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/23/2011

    March Madness is in full effect and I have the best iPhone app in the world. It's called "March Madness." Haha duh? As an ex-basketball player, sports fanatic, and iPhone addict, I feel like this app was made for me! I love basketball. I love my iPhone. And mostly, I [...]

  • Is Charlie Sheen smarter than your business? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/03/2011

    Charlie Sheen is IT right now. That is undeniable. Whether you like him or not, you can't deny that he is the biggest name on TV right now. Personally, I think all the news about him is very entertaining but by no means do I agree with his decisions or the accusations [...]

  • Staying Connected in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/21/2011

    I'm currently sitting on a plane coming home from California, stubbornly refusing to pay for this overpriced on-plane WiFi. The pile of homework that I neglected this weekend is coming back to haunt me and it all requires internet use. It seems that I've gotten myself into quite the pickle. But, does it have to be [...]

  • Super Bowl or Super Bull .... ? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/10/2011

    I know its Thursday and you are sick of hearing about the Super Bowl but I just have to continue the discussion. I am a huge sports fan, so I was really excited for this year's big game and it did not disappoint me at all. Something else disappointed me, though. No, it [...]

  • ...and I thought Facebook was creepy! in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/27/2011

    First there was MySpace, then spammers and middle aged strangers invaded what we thought was ours. Next there was Facebook, which is slowly being taken over by games and irrelevant group invitations. Not to mention that fact that Facebook has the power to start a relationship, give a photo journal of what happened [...]

  • InternetUniversity: Scam Protection in OMMA Magazine on 07/29/2005

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  • Is Charlie Sheen smarter than your business? by justin (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/03/2011)

    I appreciate your input, guys. Like I mentioned in the post, the article is trying to prove a point that is absolutely unrelated to Sheen. I just wanted to show that Twitter is a great way to communicate to your followers (fans of your business). Maybe Sheen was a bad example because of all the negativity right now. That was dumb. Another story I thought about using was when rapper 50 Cent tweeted to his followers to go to Penny Stocks' website and invest in some no-name company. The followers listened, of course, and he made 8.7 million dollars off that in 24 hours. Reports say that the company stock went up 290 percent after he tweeted that. Amazing. Maybe I should just leave the celebs out? I just thought it would be a nice testimonial to have. But they do hold a higher level of support than most people. Bottom line: I think Twitter for businesses is great and I hate when I speak with business owners who haven't bought into the idea of Tweeting. And that happens more often than you'd think...

  • The #1 reason why you SHOULDN'T buy an iPhone by James (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/17/2011)

    I took the "Sent from my iPhone" signature off my email settings... It might be too late for you to try that though...

  • Twitter + Facebook = Best Baby Ever by whitley (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/09/2011)

    I'd love for something like this to happen. You get the best of both networks, subtract the extra clutter, and end up with the next social media obsession! Nice post!

  • ...and I thought Facebook was creepy! by justin (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/27/2011)

    Thank you both for your thoughts on the post! I hope I didn't offend anyone with my attempt at comic relief.

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