March Madness is in full effect and I have the best iPhone app in the world. It’s called “March Madness.” Haha duh?

As an ex-basketball player, sports fanatic, and iPhone addict, I feel like this app was made for me! I love basketball. I love my iPhone. And mostly, I love March Madness. If you love any of those three things, you're going to enjoy this app.

This app is available for iPhone, Black Berry and Android phones but works best with the iPhone. The March Madness app has everything you need. It enables you to have on the second scoring updates, different bracket views, polls, predictions, and…..



YES! So… sorry professors if you’re reading this but I might be in the back of the lecture this week watching the latest buzzer beaters.

In all seriousness though, I just really love this app. It amazes me that these types of things are even possible to do from a mobile device. You’ve all probably heard this a lot but: The power of technology is awesome!

I don’t want to keep rambling for longer than I usually do, especially since a lot of you might not care about March Madness. So, I just want to advice all readers who’d like frequent, fast tournament updates to download this app if you can. The detail and planning that went into this app is freakishly outstanding and definitely serves as a good omen for future apps to come.

Go Butler!



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