Forecast: IPTV Subs Will Hit 131M By 2015

Although they have a small share of the multichannel TV service universe, telco-based video services could triple globally in five years, according to one report.

A new survey from Pyramid Research said IPTV (Internet-Protocol Television) subscriptions will reach 131.6 million globally by year-end 2015. Currently, the company estimates that worldwide IPTV subscriptions were 46.2 million at the end of 2010. At that pace, the business will see a 23% compounded growth rate per year.

Much of this is coming from big growth in Asia, especially the single-fastest and largest market: China. The Cambridge, Mass.-based researcher says China is on pace to surpass France as the largest IPTV market by the end of 2011.

China Telecom is already the biggest worldwide single provider of IPTV. Pyramid says more than half of the worldwide IPTV subscriptions will be coming from Asia in five years.

By way of comparison, 6.9 million IPTV consumers are in the U.S., per SNL Kagan. This would be around 15% of the global 46.2 million in IPTV subscriptions.

Other recent reports regarding IPTV growth have been more modest.

U.K.-based IMS Research, which has called IPTV "the platform of the future," says subscriber growth in China, Latin America and Eastern Europe will mean worldwide IPTV subscribers at 70 million in five years. It says the current market is around 36.5 million.



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