Top 10 Better Names For The New TNN

  1. John Singleton TV.
  2. The New New TNN.
  3. The Only Basic Cable Network Guaranteed To Draw More Women Than Men, Just Because They Appreciate The Irony Of Watching A Network That Is Supposedly Only For Men Network.
  4. The We Promise You'll Never Have To Sit Through Another Agonizing Made-For-Lifetime Movie Here Network.
  5. The I Can't Believe We Have Pamela Anderson In THREE Series Network.
  6. The Last Chance For Kelsey Grammer To Break Out Of A Quarter-Century Of Typecasting Network.
  7. The All Star Trek, All The Time Network.
  8. The Burp & Fart Jokes Network.
  9. The Don't Let Your Kids Watch This Cartoon Network.
  10. The Testosterone Network.
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