Showtime Keeps Current Series Episodes Off Netflix

Do traditional pay TV channels now view Netflix as a threat? Seems like Showtime, for one, might be feeling it.

Netflix subscribers won't be able to stream the latest episodes of Showtime series such as "Nurse Jackie" or "Californication," according to a number of recent reports. Current episodes and those of previous seasons will only be available on Showtime's so-called 'TV Everywhere' service, with its authenticated broadband Showtime Anytime area, where only existing Showtime customers can access those shows.

Under an older existing deal with Netflix, Showtime original series that have ended their run -- such as "The Tudors," "Sleeper Cell" or "Brotherhood" -- will continue to be available for streaming by Netflix subscribers.

Recently, Netflix made a deal to acquire major TV drama "House of Cards" -- a series the streaming video/DVD rental service had outbid over pay-TV network HBO, and basic cable network AMC.

Analysts feel this deal has dramatically changed some attitudes among current pay TV networks and other premium cable networks that have had deals with Netflix.



For example, Netflix has current deals with other pay-TV cable networks, such as Starz and Epix. The Starz deal will soon be ending, and analysts are anticipating any new deal with Netflix would see the price for its programming go higher -- all this in the wake of Netflix growing strength and closer competition with pay TV networks.

Recently Showtime's sister company, CBS, struck a deal that also gives Netflix the rights to stream older library shows as "Star Trek," "Family Ties," "Cheers" and "Frasier." But the deal does not include current series.

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