Getting Social Now!

What can marketing do now – right now! – to join the social revolution, or improve their existing efforts? Go test a few markets, says Steve Latham, CEO of Encore Media Metrics. “Market testing!” he enthuses. Pick a couple of markets or products, focus on growing them through social, and look at the response you get. “Focus on content,” says Adam Cahill, EVP Media Director, Hill Holliday. “Fans are meaningless unless they do something with your content.” Also, “Always have a learning agenda,” Cahill suggests. Who are you trying to reach with your social initiatives? What are you currently doing well? The more questions the better.

Have a faster draw, advises Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, VP of Marketing, Involver. “Marketers need to be a lot faster” about their social decisions, Kaykas-Wolff stresses, and experiment more with as many tools as possible. Try monitoring tools, publishing tools, etc. Tag, tag, tag, proposes John Lovett, Senior Partner & Principal Consultant, Web Analytics Demystified. Lots of campaigns he sees go out to the field with no way to track their efforts. Tagging it the easiest way to do that.



Bigger picture, Jonathan Mendez, Founder and CEO of Yieldbot, says to stop thinking about social media as a campaign. Your brand is social media! “There’s a greater socialization of the Web taking place,” says Mendez. “If you’re just thinking in terms of campaigns, “you’re going to get the short end of the stick,” and you competition is going to eat your lunch. Finally, Ben Straley, co-founder and CEO of Meteor Solutions tells marketers to take a look at the user experience -- how they’re interacting with your brand, etc.

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