Apple Amazes Me

I know I can be pretty hard on Apple. It's easy to write about the negatives when your talking about the big boys in the tech world, and right now Apple seems to be as big as they come. Recently though Apple has done something that made me stop and think "you know what, that's pretty cool".

Last week a recent customer of the new iPad 2 had to return his new toy, not because the screen was bleeding, but because his wife wouldn't let him have it. The iPad was returned to the store with a small note reading "Wife Says No".

Apparently some higher ups from apple caught wind of the situation, they sent him a free iPad 2 free of charge and with a little message from Apple attached that read "Apple says yes".

Is it a good idea to challenge the mans spouse even after she said no? Probably not. Was it a totally awesome thing to do? Absolutely. Either way its reassuring to think that the tech giant from California will always care about its costumers, even if they do want to trap us into their walled garden.



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  1. Bryce Bridges from Bridges Photographic, April 4, 2011 at 9 a.m.

    I wonder how many "Wife Says No" attempts will be made now that the story has broke. My latest "Good Apple" story is how the good guys at the Soho Apple Store covered my macbook even though it was a few months out of warranty. My sad story was that I purchased the mac while in the Middle East, no such thing as Official Apple Retailer or Apple Care over there, and of course the laptop had been purchased a good half year prior to that by the retailer. Fast forward a few months and I am in NY to do a shoot and the damn thing dies and I find out the hard way that the warranty has expired. Well the guys at the Soho Apple Store covered my ass in a big way!!

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