Guess Who's Passionate About Being Green?

A recent National Marketing Institute study has found that green has gone mainstream; the study results revealed that 83% of consumers across generations -- Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials -- are some shade of green. While a greater than 80% share is impressive, and gives hope for the future of our environment, I remember thinking it interesting that Baby Boomers were included in this group.

Boomers seem to always get a tough rap when it comes to talking about green consumers and green marketing. The general consensus is that the incubators for green marketing are college campuses, youth groups and social media platforms that are popular among 20-somethings and teens.

So I was surprised when our research team came up with some deeper insights about green consumers. Among those asked if they were such, Boomers were actually more likely to identify themselves that way. In fact, 49% of green consumers were over the age of 45.

Within that group of Boomers green consumers, there is a smaller, even more engaged niche of green consumer; 55% of respondents identified themselves as passionate green consumers.



This was a revelation to me and is worthy of attention from marketers and brands looking to launch new green products. Honing your upcoming campaign towards a younger generation and committing a majority of your online ad spend on Gen Y outlets may not get you the results you want. While you might reach an audience that is more idealistic, you'll miss connecting with the largest group of engaged green supporters: green Boomers who are going to actually make a purchase.

In addition, they'll do even more than purchase. Our data also showed that Passionate green Consumers -- again 55% of whom are Boomers -- are more likely to be less concerned about price and more willing to go out of their way to purchase a brand or product they connect with. They will give you time, not just dollars.

Can you reach them online? Of course, but I can tell you with high certainty that you won't reach them with ads served on green websites. Consider the green Boomers and the sites they regularly visit online. Our data show green Boomers tend to spend less than 1% of their time on websites, or even content, focused on green issues. They aren't out there looking for the latest green product.

Instead, they are visiting and spending more time on sites that feature financial content, financial tools, or home and fashion content. So consider moving a green brand campaign to websites where green Boomers really live. Like where they're balancing their checkbook or diversifying their portfolio bottom line.

Remember, the best way to reach a desired online audience is to understand their values and attitudes, even get close to their passions. Do that by asking them those questions, regularly. Everyone knows that values drive brand preference and purchasing decisions. Now they can drive every brand's online campaign. Brands who don't look at values may find themselves talking to the "green" people who skip the green product purchase aisles.

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