The Coolest of the Coolest Media

That's how IPG Media Lab chief Brian Monahan kicked off the afternoon session of MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Media Forum in New York Monahan, who is presenting, and then leading a panel discussion around the theme, "When All The World's A Screen," is showing examples of how new digital technologies are quite literally making the entire world a screen, including one that can project a touch-sensitive screen on the air. Did you read what I just said, ON THE AIR. No, I don't mean on the air, like broadcast TV. I mean literally, in the three-dimensional world of the air around us.

You've got to see it to believe it, so I suggest you got to the Digital Out-of-Home Forum home page and watch the streaming video, or the archive of Monahan's presentation.

I invited Monahan to do this, because I knew he was into some cools stuff.

"At the lab we get to see a lot of cool stuff. And Digital OOH is the coolest stuff," he said with about as much overstatement as you can get out of his understated demeanor.

He added that of all the amazing stuff that comes through the lab, it is the digital out-of-home media that gets Interpublic clients to, "stop and go wow."

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