Hartz To Beef Up Social Media

  • April 21, 2011
The Hartz Mountain Corp. has signed a deal with Examiner.com to use Examiner Connect for a targeted social media engagement program.

Focusing on pet health, the program will create word-of-mouth marketing through the creation of original and authentic pet care and health content for Hartz.

Hartz is the latest brand to participate in the Examiner Connect marketing program created by Examiner.com, which is based on the unique relationship that Examiner.com has developed with its 72,000 content producers -- in this case, more than 2,000 pet and pet health writers.

The Examiners will also have access to pet health experts and information provided by Hartz, but each Examiner has complete editorial independence regarding the content they choose to produce. The initial program begins April 25 and will run for 31 days.--Tanya Irwin



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