Online Audience Using Popular Internet Applications

Online Audience Using Popular Internet Applications

Nielsen//NetRatings reports that more than 72 percent of the total U.S. online audience is using Internet applications. This suggests that nearly three quarters of all Web surfers have incorporated Internet applications, including instant messengers, peer-to-peer file sharing and media player viewing, as part of their daily online experience.

Carolyn Clark, senior Internet analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings, says "Having an accurate picture of how consumers use Internet applications provides marketers with a versatile tool for developing a marketing campaign with impact."

  • Windows Media player claimed the top spot for all Internet applications, reaching more than 31 percent of the active online population and attracting nearly 41.5 million unique visitors at home and at work in November 2002.
  • AOL Instant Messenger drew more than 27.8 million surfers and was one of the stickiest applications, with the average user spending nearly four hours during the month using the service.
  • RealOne Player/RealPlayer followed closely with more than 27.2 million unique visitors, attracting nearly 21 percent of the active online population.
  • Instant messaging applications from MSN and Yahoo! rounded out the top five, recording 22.7 million and 15.6 million unique visitors, respectively.

    Top 10 Internet Applications, Ranked by Unique Audience (U.S., Home and Work)

    Internet Application Unique Audience(000)Active Reach%
    1. Windows Media Player41,452 31.20%
    2. AOL Instant Messenger27,848 21.00%
    3. RealOne Player/RealPlayer27,226 20.50%
    4. MSN Messenger Service22,721 17.10%
    5. Yahoo! Messenger15,595 11.70%
    6. KaZaA 14,095 10.60%
    7. Apple QuickTime14,004 10.50%
    8. Gator 11,628 8.80%
    9. WhenU 10,304 7.80%
    10. AOL Companion10,095 7.60%
    Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, November 2002

    Top Advertisers by Company for November 2002

    Advertiser *Impressions (000)
    1. Classmates Online, Inc.4,742,694
    2., Inc.3,981,095
    3. The Estee Lauder Companies Inc3,504,537
    4. SBC Communications, Inc.2,415,824
    5. USA Interactive2,345,211
    6. Hewlett Packard Company1,948,242
    7. Sabre Inc.1,837,921
    8. Barnes & Noble, Inc.1,807,867
    9. Bank One Corporation1,523,573
    10. Columbia House Company1,520,371
    *Impressions reported exclude house ads, which are ads that run on an advertiser's own Web property.

    Source all data: Nielsen//NetRatings.

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