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Disney Branding Of Seal Team 6: NPR Comments On The Takeaway

Not everyone is happy about Disney's decision to apply trademark ownership of "Seal Team 6." Ad consultant Cindy Gallop is torn about Disney's application to own the name of the team that carried out the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan. She admires how fast and SEAL-like was their action, but that she also feels "absolute horror at the idea of this." One listener responds "Why not? The way this country is headed it will not be too long until our entire government is run by corporations anyway." Wrote another listener, "Seal Team 6 is the new Ghostbusters- who you gonna call...ST6. This weekend my husband commented on a friend who wanted his girlfriend to move out of his house. My husband replied that he needed Seal Team 6. It's out there already. Disney is smart."



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