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Go Ahead, Take An Ad Risk

Blogger MP Mueller says trying something new in advertising is the hardest thing to do in business. Mueller, founder of Austin, Tex., boutique ad firm Door Number 3, says when he (she?) makes a pitch that hits the marketer's objectives and is totally different from what the company or the industry has done before, "Minute one, the chief executive's face is euphoric, almost giddy.

"Minute two, more of the same as the C.E.O. imagines how far a truly new campaign might take the company. And then we get into the third minute and the rush of possibility recedes, deflated by the annoying arrival of self-doubt."

Mueller details a project the agency did for the Austin chapter of the Humane Society. Traditionally, Humane Society advertising tugs at the heart strings, but such efforts, Mueller says, don't work long term. The agency tried something new ...



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