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Google Starts Charging For "Location Extensions"

AdWords advertisers will now be charged whenever consumers click on any part of a "location extension" -- including an address and phone number -- accompanying their ads. "In the past, clicking on a phone number via your mobile phone to call the advertiser or clicking on an address to bring up directions to the advertiser cost that advertiser nothing," notes Search Engine Land. Not anymore.

Google says its will "begin to charge for clicks on directions in the same manner as clicks on your ad's headline or phone number." For AdWords campaigns with location extensions enabled, a "Directions" link can appear in advertisers' ads, as well as sponsored Google Maps info windows on desktops. On mobile search ads, a "Get directions using Google Maps?" pop-up will appear when users click on the expandable map. Clicking on "OK" in the pop-up allows users to get directions to advertisers' businesses.



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