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HBO Go App Keeps Going And Going And...

  • CNET, Monday, June 27, 2011 12:05 PM
This weekend, HBO expected to see the 3 millionth download of its HBO Go app, despite only recently debuting on May 2. There are 28 million HBO subscribers in the United States, so, as CNET notes, the 3 million downloads would indicate that roughly 10% of the company's audience has tried out the app. "That's pretty good when you consider not all cable providers offer it (you listening Time Warner Cable?)," CNet quips.

To generate even more interest in the app, HBO was expected to dangle a carrot for "True Blood" followers this weekend, during the season premiere of the show. Those who downloaded the app, got to watch next week's episode directly following the season premiere. Bigger picture, "A big part of the app's success, beyond the slick way it organizes the material and the high quality of the stream, is the vast amount of content available," according to CNet.

"This isn't Hulu Plus, which skimps on the number of back episodes it offers from popular shows." Indeed, HBO Go gives users access to everything in its vault, which conceivably risks sales of DVD box sets.



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