Alloy Division Launches PS Program

360 Youth, the media and marketing arm of Alloy, Inc., announced it is launching a public service campaign at junior high schools, high school and college campuses nationwide.

Entitled RAKU (Random Acts of Kindness United), the public service program utilizes 360 Youth's network of in-school media, Source Boards and GymBoards, as well as Alloy's print and web properties, to reach an estimated 15 million students. It will be used to communicate inspiring messages, challenging students to perform "random acts of kindness at school, home and in their communities."

Under the RAKU theme, 360 Youth is creating two separate, age-appropriate public service campaigns. The company estimates its investment at more than $1 million. One campaign targets the interests and activities of junior high and high school students and another is aimed at the college student market.

"As 360 Youth has the nation's largest network of in-school media, we felt that our in-school Source Boards and GymBoards, coupled with Alloy's print and web properties, would serve as ideal venues to spark spontaneous acts of kindness and inspire students to take action and be a revolution in their communities," said Derek White, executive vice president of 360 Youth.

360 Youth is initiating the RAKU program with 200 schools in May and June and plans on expanding the program across its nationwide network to more than 10,000 high-enrollment high schools and 1,000 colleges nationwide. In addition to the allocation of the media space, 360 Youth is investing in the creative design, the print and online production and program development.

Alloy will support the national public service program through its properties, Alloy, a leading direct mail catalog targeting teen girls, AlloyGirl magazine and CCS, the top direct mail catalog aimed at boys as well as through accompanying Web site's, and, reaching over 5 million students nationwide each month. The program will also be promoted through Alloy's e-mail and direct marketing channels, extending the campaign's reach to over 14 million young adults through its proprietary database.

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