XYDO Delivers Social News Via Email

The social start-up XYDO plans to announce an email news service Thursday that aggregates feeds from social sites, such as LinkedIn, Google Reader, RSS feeds, and about 100,000 other publisher sites.

The content is qualified in real-time, and then ranked for importance built on specific qualifications. The personalized and relevant headlines are sent to users based on data in their social networks. Think Digg or Reddit when it comes to content -- about 2 million contribute.

"The aggregated content gets qualified against what others curate and talk about," explains Cameron Brain, co-founder of XYDO. That means the company combines content sources with curators. XYDO.com, which launched about four months ago, serves up hundreds of thousands of pieces of content and recommendations from a couple of million curators.

While it's different than the new email feed being launched today, it supports the infrastructure for a long product road map.

"We're qualifying content based on the curators in the human network," Brain said. "We're looking at social signals and determining, of those 2 million curators, who's tweeting about it or posting it on Facebook." Some articles might contain content on baking, while others might have content on the London riots.

The emails will include about 10 links along with headlines based on interests assumed from posts and profiles in social sites. But users can change those preferences at any time.

Search engine optimization played a much bigger role than first believed -- especially during the past several months since launch, according to Brain.

When asked to name competitors, Brain pointed to Summify. The company also automatically identifies the most important news stories across the user's social networks and delivers the headlines in a personalized email. For now, the email news feed service remains in beta, by invitation only. An email address could get you yours.

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