Seven Benefits Of Search Retargeting

If you use the Web regularly to search for products to purchase, you probably have witnessed search retargeting in action and not given it a second thought. For example, have you searched for a new electronic device online only to see an ad for it prominently displayed elsewhere? Or, while searching for clothing to purchase, have you seen an ad on another site that displays a certain item in your size and favorite style? That's search retargeting in action -- an extra layer of relevancy to ads served to consumers after they conduct a search that can increase the likelihood of a purchase action.

So now that you know what it is and the main reason why it is important, what other advantages does search retargeting offer your business? Here are a several reasons why search retargeting can assist your business' online advertising needs:

1) Reach more searchers: Often, as a result of placement on the search engine results page (SERP), many consumers whose searches included your paid-search keywords for your business may not see your ad -- much less visit your site. Search retargeting is a great complement to what you are already doing in search by enabling you to extend your reach to searchers beyond the SERP and reach more consumers who have demonstrated interest or purchase intent for your brand.



2) Continue the conversation: With paid-search ads, your only opportunity to advertise to consumers who are searching is when they are on the SERP. Search retargeting enables you to reach consumers for several days following their search query, providing an opportunity for you to reinforce your businesses' marketing message and open the door to storyboarding.

3) Clarify positioning against competitors: By purchasing competitors' branded keywords, you can market directly to consumers who are searching for information about competitors' products and services.

4) Deliver brand impact: Be selective when it comes to whose search retargeting offerings you plan to take advantage of to promote your business. Choose a partner who offers you a creative canvas where you can utilize a wide variety of display and video ad formats so that you can deliver marketing messages with more branding impact to prospects who have declared interest or intent for your brand.

5) Drive greater ROI from your display spend: comScore research shows that consumers exposed to display ads are 38% more likely to conduct an advertiser-related branded keyword search over a four-week period. Search retargeting enables you to drive more results from this increased search activity. This same research indicates that consumers exposed to both search marketing and display campaigns are more likely to make a purchase than by just search or display alone.

6) Control your brand message: In the wake of any news coverage about your brand, search retargeting provides a creative, targeted way to respond at the right time to the right audience of searchers.

7) Manage more budget: If you are already managing your businesses' search engine marketing (SEM) budget, search retargeting is the perfect opportunity to leverage your expertise in keywords and keyword bidding into display advertising.

Although these are reasons for adopting search retargeting for a Web-based campaign, it's important to remember that search retargeting campaigns can also incorporate mobile search data. When captured in a holistic profile, they can allow for retargeting across devices -- both PC and mobile. Consumer search behavior is not straightforward and search retargeting used as part of a broader media campaign will better enable your business to connect with your target audience and benefit from how they search online and on the go.

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