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Facebook, Twitter To Fight Gov. Censorship

  • Guardian, Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:18 PM
Facing the first true threats of censorship from the Western world, Facebook and Twitter appear ready for a fight. "The major social networks are expected to offer no concessions when they meet the home secretary, Theresa May, at a Home Office summit on Thursday," the Guardian reports.

In the wake of riots and looting across England, government ministers have called for a ban on social networks during times of civil unrest. Prime Minister David Cameron has also asked that suspected rioters be banned from social networks. The home secretary is expected to explore what measures the major social networks could take to help contain disorder -- "including how law enforcement can more effectively use the sites -- rather than discuss powers to shut them down," according to the Guardian.

In their defense, however, Facebook and Twitter are expected to strongly warn the government against introducing emergency measures that could usher in a new form of online censorship, the Guardian reports.

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