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Delicious Founder Has New Jig

Joshua Schachter, the creator of bookmarking service Delicious, has reportedly launched his latest service, Jig. "At first glance the site seems a bit like Twitter, but it has a different focus," explains entrepreneur and "technology futurist" Nova Spivack. "Instead of posting about what you are doing, you post about what you need." Other people and then expected to reply with suggestions, ideas, answers, help -- "or presumably commercial products and services that can meet your need," Spivack surmises.

Yet, "this is not a new idea," according to Spivack. "It's been done before, at least in print, quite successfully, in the form of want ads." While it's not "ground-breakingly new, it's beautifully executed and quite simple and elegant ... enough in fact that it might catch on." Early posts include requests for restaurants suggestions, a guy asking what gift he should buy for his minimalist girlfriend, and a request to understand how UFO propulsion works.

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