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And Maybe Saab Should Try Beer?

The latest news about Saab's financial turmoil, which in recent weeks has become a lot like the waiting-room scenario where the doctor emerges from ICU with increasingly dismal news about a patient's complications, the Swedish automaker will apparently miss yet another payroll. The company has been on life support with financial anemia keeping assembly lines in a coma and employees' paychecks flat-lined.

In spite of what looked like a blip on the heart monitor when a Chinese dealership chain offered to fund the brand, suppliers are refusing to provide the parts it needs to re-open its headquarters assembly plant. Now Saab is reportedly ready to seek court protection to buy time to look for more funding.

The automaker said it would delay the release of its first-half 2011 financial report. Since the supplier boycott in March, the company has made few vehicles.



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