Around the Net Pushing "Social" Envelope

Is getting into social networking? Well, as the San Francisco Chronicle notes, the cloud-computing company already has. Dubbed Chatter, the year-old application is already being used by 100,000 businesses, according to Salesforce. "It's part of a broader move to bring social-networking features into businesses, an effect boosters call 'the social enterprise,'" reports. And it represents a major part of Salesforce's strategy going forward, Woodson Martin, an SVP at Salesforce, tells

Chatter lets workers "follow" one another, collaborate on projects, and exchange ideas. "The result is a constantly evolving discussion of office life that executives can mine for information about their companies," SFGate adds. "The social-networking application marks an evolution in enterprise software, which has lagged behind consumer software in design and user experience."

As David Sacks, CEO of social-enterprise company Yammer, tells SFGate, this side of social is spreading like wildfire. In turn, it is fueling the "software as a service" category, which is already an $89.4 billion industry, according to Gartner.

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