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Amazon Eyes Sleeker, Tablet-Ready Future

Sure to reshape the world of ecommerce overnight, Amazon will reportedly launch a new -- and what The Next Web calls "vastly improved" -- Web site in the not-too-distant future. Perhaps its biggest innovation, not only will does the new design look great on the desktop, according to The Next Web, "but [it] has been designed to appeal to tablet owners, signaling that the company could soon announce the launch of its own tablet devices."

So, what does the new Amazon look like? "Gone are the blue menus and buttons, making way for a slicker white and grey interface that reduces clutter and makes navigation a lot easier," The Next Web writes. Amazon will also take the relaunch as an opportunity to push its Instant Video, MP3 Store, Cloud Player, Kindle, Cloud Drive, AppStore for Android, Game and Software Downloads and Audiobooks -- as The Next Web notes, "all services that would be perfect for a potential tablet buyer."

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