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Hurley Talks Delicious Relaunch

On the relaunch of Delicious, All Things D goes one-on-one with its co-savior Chad Hurley. Along with fellow YouTube founder Steve Chen, Hurley took the social bookmarking service off Yahoo's hands earlier this year. "It's a great brand that belongs in Silicon Valley," Hurley says of Delicious.

In previous interviews, Hurley and Chen have held up the new Delicious as a potential cure for information overload. Yet, "expectations aren't terrifically high for the new Delicious, given the rareness of tech comeback stories and the fact that Delicious was never really that popular," All Things D writes. The new Delicious retains many of its original visual elements, but puts a new focus on creating "stacks" of content.

"We look forward to providing a great service and hopefully introducing it to a bigger audience," Hurley continues -- speaking like a guy who's already made his fortune. "From myself and Steve's perspective, it feels good to be engaged again on finding a simple solution to a difficult problem, which is discovery."



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