The Web Doesn't Make You Feel

Online still doesn't deliver the emotional impact of TV, Alan Schulman, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, U.DIG, acknowledged during the closing panel Tuesday focused on digital creative. "We creatively, haven't made the Web make you feel," said Schulman. "Algorithms don't feel, people do."  He said the Web still has to find a way to provide the "lean back" experience of TV to really connect with people in the same way. So much for lean-forward interaction.

The panel, which also included Gaston Legorburu of Sapient/Nitro and Mike Monello of Campfire also agreed that mobile isn't really and advertising medium. Rather, it requires actually building products, or utilities, that have some use beyond delivering a message. Think Kraft's iFood Assistant app or something similar. They also said mobile ends up getting siloed because it may call for a separate technology development effort. Schulman suggested mobile is better suited to CRM activity than advertising but that the latter could complement mobile CRM.

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  1. David Rounds from KAIT-TV/Raycom Media Inc., September 27, 2011 at 4:29 p.m.

    If the web does not make you feel, then why did social media explode on the scene?

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