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World Series Game 7 Brings Network Dilemmas

Last night's 11-inning Word Series game 6, with its continual upsets and several last-minute comebacks for the winning St. Louis Cardinals, was arguably one for the record books  -- and definitely great television.

But now that there's a game 7 (which should draw increased ratings with such an exciting lead-in) set for tonight, other networks face a counter-programming dilemma.

CBS has already decided to replace new episodes of its Friday night dramas -- "CSI: NY,"  "A Gifted Man" and "Blue Bloods" -- with repeats of the first two shows, plus a rerun "CSI:Miami." But NBC, which already pushed back the premieres of two show -- the returning "Chuck" and the debuting "Grimm" -- one week because of the Series, so far is committed to airing the original premieres.



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