AdKeeper Teams With Safecount To Tag Ads

  • November 16, 2011

AdKeeper, the company that gives users a tool to keep their digital ads, has partnered with Safecount, a unit of research company Kantar, in an effort to make it easier for media agencies to process the tagging of those ads. AdKeeper says the deal will "simplify the often complex and time-consuming digital [ad] tagging process." Typically, many companies focus on individual page tagging, which is then used to capture  Web site analytics or conversion metrics.

Safecount will streamline AdKeeper's KeepButton technology when it comes to an entire media campaign of a client. “With the Safecount ad tag container, now [media agency executives] only have to give permission once for multiple tags, and they’ll save precious time previously spent on manual additional ad tagging," stated Tom Kelly, COO of Safecount.

AdKeeper, an online service that launched earlier this year, is free for consumers, enabling them to keep Internet advertising for viewing and interacting at a later time. --Wayne Friedman

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