What Are Teen Girls Really Talking About?

We need to be a part of their conversations, but what are their conversations?  What are the topics they are talking about and more importantly, what are they really saying – their words, their voices?

Who is this teen girl? She’s the girl who loves herself. She’s the girl who hates herself. I poured through hundreds of blogs written by teen girls– here are their top 20 topics in random order.












Parents - “My parents think I’m superwoman”


Changing the World




Sports - The teams they are on vs. NFL


“ME” – Anything about “me” like this post from a 15-year-old girl:

 ME! (15-year-old)



I love photography, sayings and quotes, nature & animals, walking, exploring, texting, talking, hanging with friends, mud riding, shopping, singing, dancing, and listening to country and pop music!

 I’m a Christian and I believe in God. I believe there’s a Heaven & Hell.

I hate liars, cheaters, two-faced people, know-it-alls and drama.

I want to learn French.

I am a big flirt. I am not boy crazy.

I want to be a model when I grow up.

I like wearing high crazy socks and sliding around in the house on tile floors.

My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper and Dr. Thunder. Dr. Pepper and Dr. Thunder do NOT taste the same so there they AREN’T the same.

I’m straight. I don’t have anything against bi or gays!

I love antique cars and 80’s wear (clothes)!

I have an iPhone.

I keep my stuff updated.

I’m 15 and I’ve never been kissed. I’ve never done drugs, never drank and I’m a virgin. Keeping my V-card till marriage!

ME (13-year-old)

Myself in one word: Flamboyant.

My biggest insecurity: I’m afraid of losing my mind.

If I won the lottery I would donate to charities, help out my family and friends, buy books and travel the world.

Top three turn offs: obsessively checking cell phones, answering with one word sentences, constantly smirking or saying back-handed things.

Ten fave movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Inception, Beastly, She’s The Man, Tangled, Up, Mean Girls, Easy A, Alice in Wonderland, anything with Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone, old movies.

Eight fave TV shows: NCIS, Toddlers and Tiaras, America’s Next Top Model, Degrassi, Victorious, iCarly, NCIS L.A., and when I’m seriously bored I watch the Kardashians.

Ten places I would love to visit: Canada, Paris, Ireland, London, Italy, Provence, New Orleans, Greece, California, New York.

Five things I can’t live without: music, books, tea, pens and paper, dancing.

Top three accents: Irish, British, Australian.

What are they saying about current events?

This from a 16-year old girl: Why Occupy Wall Street?

These protesters are supposed to be against big business CEOs and corporations, correct? Why are they supporting them then? The coffees they drink, the forms of social media they use to promote this protest and the devices they connect with were created by businesses, corporations. Looking at the OWS website I see links to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and the like. All this anti-corporations hype is quite hypocritical. I'd have more respect for this protest if the products from these big corporations weren't being used and consumed by the protesters themselves. If you are so against "the rich guys" on Wall Street why are you supporting them buy buying their product? 

Deep? Yes. Thoughtful? Yes. Does she make me think? YES!

What about the future?For some girls it’s scary. Others can’t wait. This from a teen who wrote a letter to her 26-year-old self:

Don’t forget about your promise to be yourself. It was broken once and I’d hate to find it broken again. If it is it will affect YOU the most. Which is me. And I’ve already made that mistake so please, just don’t. It would save me a lot of trouble. Most importantly, don’t forget what it is like to be happy. If you have... stop what ever you are doing and think about what would make you happy and do it. Life should be fun. 

Deep? YES. Complicated? YES.  Fun? YES. That’s the teen girl.





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