Around the Net Seeks To Sort The Social Web

The latest startup to tackle information-overload, hopes to become a "catch-all" for social content, as well as a stream designed to aggregate fragmented social services. As Fast Company reports, the latest version of Flavors culls content from about three-dozen sources, including Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, Netflix, and “Add a couple channels, follow a few friends, and you'll instantly create a stream of content across all networks,” Fast Company explains. “The idea is to curate and not simply aggregate our social content--Flavors comes with a sleek tool to easily filter out sources and people, which is easily the service's best feature.”

Says founder Jonathan Marcus: "I want a website that lets the content really shin … I want a website that showcases me and those close to me in a visual way, and changes how social content is presented." Marcus admits that Flavors isn’t the first service to take information excess and fragmentation, but insists that none have done so with the startup's focus on design. Meanwhile, “There's also the question of whether Flavors is significant enough to remain its own separate service, or whether it should be a layer built on top of Facebook's social graph,” Fast Company notes. “After all, Facebook has far more users and far more support from other services.”



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