Capturing Last-Minute Mom Dollars This Holiday Season

Every retailer is scrambling to boost their bottom line for the year with last-minute holiday spending. This has been apparent with Black Friday deals extending into Saturday and Sunday and CyberMonday Deals becoming CyberWeek Sales. Whether you are a big brand with unused budget to spend before 2012 arrives or a bootstrapping product manufacturer, there are simple tactics that you can still implement to boost 2011 sales.
1. Make it easy for Mom to spend her money with you. Sounds basic, but you would be surprised how many companies make it complicated for moms to buy their products. Does your electronic shopping cart allow her to save her selections while she leaves the laptop to change a diaper? Do you offer her the accessories she needs to hook up the HDTV or do you make her search for them. Remember that moms are time-starved. If you give her timesaving buying solutions, she’ll spend her money with you because of the added value of saving time.

2. Present your product visually.
This means in video and online photos. Moms like to share and these marketing elements allow them to forward and ask friends for their opinions. Remember that YouTube is the second largest online search engine, so it’s important to have video available for consumers who shop visually. “How To” videos using your product are the best way to get a female’s attention on YouTube.  

3. Don’t hide your coupon codes. Really. If you are going to offer 50% off and free shipping, why make a mom search coupon code sites to find your deals? Snapfish does an excellent job listing all its special offers and coupon codes front and center on the home page. Moms don’t have to leave the site to search elsewhere. Keep in mind that every time she leaves your site is an opportunity to lose her to a competitor.  

4. Learn how to use Pinterest. If you just asked, “What’s Pinterest?,” this is directed at you. It’s best described as a Twitter/bulletin board and consumers of all ages are engaging with this up-and-coming social media platform.

5. Be honest with Moms. Don’t advertise “Biggest Sale of the Season” if you plan on discounting merchandise deeper next week. Moms are smart and will catch on to your liquidation tactics.

6. Don’t forget to thank your best customers and brand advocates. It’s unexpected and moms love loyalty. Don’t forget all those bloggers who’ve reviewed your products this year, too. Now is a good time to extend a special thank you discount to those who have helped you reach your goals in 2011.

It’s not too late to cash in on the buying power of moms. Make it convenient, honest and easy to cross gifts off the list and moms will remain loyal to you, your company and brand into 2012.



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