Here's What's Playing on a Computer Near You

Here's What's Playing on a Computer Near You

The Pew Internet and American Life Project summarized it's findings through 2002 to describe what Americans do OnLine. Not surprisingly, Email tops the list, but gambling is at the bottom! About 57% of Americans go online which translates into approximately 109 million people. According to PEW, here are the kinds of things they do:

 Percent of those with Internet accessMost recent survey date
Send email93%December 2002
Use an online search engine to find information85January 2002
Do an Internet search to answer a specific question83September 2002
Research a product or service before buying it83December 2002
Search for a map or driving directions79August-October 2001
Look for info on a hobby or interest77January 2002
Look for info about movies, books, or other leisure activities73March-May 2002
Get news71December 2002
Check the weather69March-May 2002
Get travel information66February-March 2001
Look for health/medical information66December 2002
Surf the Web for fun65January 2002
Buy a product61December 2002
Visit a government Web site56November 2002
Go to a web site that provides info or support for a specific medical condition or personal situation54December 2002
Look up phone number or address53August-October 2001
Watch a video clip or listen to an audio clip53October 2002
Research for school or training53September 2002
Buy or make a reservation for travel53December 2002
Do any type of research for their job52November 2002
Look for information about a job47March-May 2002
Send an instant message46June-July 2002
Check sports scores or information44September 2002
Get financial information42September 2002
Download other files such as games, videos, or pictures41August-October 2001
Look for political news/information40November 2002
Play a game37June-July 2002
Listen to music online at a web site for a radio station, music store, recording artist, or music service37August-October 2001
Look for information about a place to live36March-May 2002
Bank online30October 2002
Share files from own computers such as music, video, pictures, computer games w/ others28August-October 2001
Search for information on the Internet about someone you know or might meet28September 2002
Look for religious/spiritual information28September 2002
Chat in a chat room or in an online discussion25June-July 2002
Look for weight loss or general fitness information24January 2002
Look for information about a mental health issue like depression or anxiety23June-July 2002
Participate in an online auction22December 2002
Use Internet to get photos developed/display photos21August-October 2001
Research your family's history or genealogy20February-March 2001
Create content for the Internet, such as helping build a web site, creating an online diary, or posting your thoughts online19October 2002
Look for information on something sensitive or embarrassing that you would rather not ask someone about18June-July 2002
Take part in an online group that you consider yourself a member of16October 2002
Visit an adult web site13October 2002
Buy or sell stocks, bonds, or mutual funds12September 2002
Go to a dating Web site10June-July 2002
Visit an online support group9June-July 2002
Make a phone call over the Internet8October 2002
Buy groceries online8March-December 2000
reate a web log or "blog that others can read online7September 2002
Make a donation to a charity online7December 2002
Take a class online for college credit7March-May 2002
Take any other class online6March-May 2002
Gamble5August-October 2001

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking surveys (March 2000 - present) You can find out more here.

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