Ace Metrix' List Of Top Auto Ads

  • December 9, 2011

The fourth quarter means launch ads for Honda and a few others and clearance ads for everyone. So what are the most popular auto ads over the past month? According to Ace Metrix, the top non-luxury ad is Chevrolet's. It shows a man's son finding his long-lost Chevy from a long time ago.  It achieved an Ace score of 632 and is one of the top 3 ads from Chevy in the last year. The firm says the average Ace Score for non-lux is 532. 

The second non-lux ad was Mike Rowe, a Ford spokesperson, at a mall. Number three was the "Unclutter" ad for Smart, which shows a guy's personal belongings becoming animated foes. After that came ads for Subaru, Mazda and Jeep. Ford, Kia, Jeep and Toyota ads rounded out the top ten.  

The firm also said the non-luxury category in itself scored much better than the luxury category, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who watches ads: luxury ads for the end of the year tend to toe a holiday/winter creative line in which the luxury vehicle is a gift. 

In Luxury, the top ads were from Audi, followed by Mercedes and in Infiniti, taking the third, fourth and fifth spots. 



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