Ad Agency Big Fuel Makes Cat Videos for Humane Society in CatVent

If you’re working today, you probably need an online video pick-me-up, rather than more stats, research or news on this fabulous and fast-growing sector of the digital ad economy.

And what better form for said spirits-booster to come in than a cat video? As readers may know, cat videos are - paws down - my favorite Web videos. Plus, this one has an ad angle. The social media ad agency Big Fuel Communications, known for its work on behalf of Bravo, GM, Clorox and others, partnered with the Humane Society of NY to create a cat video calendar. For all 31 days of the month, Big Fuel and the Humane Society of NY are presenting short cat videos starring homeless cats available for adoption. “ is our take on the traditional Advent calendar, filled with studio-quality cat videos celebrating historical and holiday-related events throughout the month of December. 31 days of cat videos. 31+ adoptable cats. Take home a new friend for the holidays,” Big Fuel said.

Like this fella.

Catvent 2011, Dec 21: Leelou Dances The Hora For Hanukkah from Big Fuel on Vimeo.



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