Set-Top-Box Lexicon: Commercial Retention Metrics

CIMM is taking a pro-active role in advancing new media nomenclature and processes with both its Lexicon(terms and definitions associated with Set-Top-Box data measurement) and Asset Identification Primer (glossary of asset terms). These documents form the basis of this column, which offers a common language for Set-Top-Box nomenclature that can expedite the rollout of the data for its many industry applications.

While viewer exposure to a commercial is vital to an advertiser, the recognition, remembrance and resonance of the message is arguably even more important. Here are terms associated with viewer retention and ad retention measurement.

Commercial Retention

See also: Retention

CIMM DEFINITION : The ability of a commercial to hold on to its tuned audience through the length of the commercial.



2 : The ability to recall the commercial after it is viewed for some amount of time after the fact.

NOTE – Kantar Media Audiences devised a seconds-based metric, Tuneaway, to capture the percent of seconds lost due to channel changing from the audience present the second prior to the commercial start time.


See also: Commercial Viewing Index

CIMM DEFINITION : The ability to capture and hold on to the attention and / or retain a message in the memory of a viewer or consumer. 

2 : Ratio of ad rating in program to total program rating

Ad Retention Index

See Also: Commercial Viewership Index

CIMM DEFINITION : The ratio of commercial viewing average audience to total program viewing average audience. (Source: Rentrak

NOTE - This is not recommended as a general industry term because this ratio is reflective of not just pure ad retention but also the program audience trend from beginning to end may be increasing or decreasing as at the beginning or end of prime time. TRA for that reason calls this the Commercial Rating index (CRI) – the index to the average program rating – which is what is clearly is. Ad retention should be measured against the base of homes that start the commercial. (Source: TRA)

Please refer to the CIMM Lexicon online at for additional information on these and other terms.



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