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Super Bowl Stream - A Work In Progress

For the first time ever, the Super Bowl was streamed live, this year -- by both the NFL and NBC. As for the success of the dual effort, TechCrunch seems torn. “The streaming online experience tonight during the Super Bowl was pretty amazing,” it gushed, before adding: “The 2012 Super Bowl streaming experience itself left a lot to be desired.” So, which it? Well, “The actual banner ads, the online ads being served on, weren’t particularly offensive, or a pain in the ass. But, the problem is that most people watch the Super Bowl in groups, not as individuals, and most choose to do so through a projector, or streaming the Web onto their TV or a big screen.”

Worse still, some commercials and the halftime show -- which, for many viewers, are bigger draws than the game -- were apparently never streamed. “Streaming viewers who chose not to pick their own commercials just got an enormous eyeful of the same ads, repeating ad nauseam,” according to TechCrunch. Next year’s Super Bowl is slated to air on CBS. Along with including coverage of the halftime show, TechCrunch suggests providing viewing for international football fans and Americans living abroad.




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