Is That A Screen In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad To See Video?

“Screens are showing up everywhere,” Ralph Santana, senior vice president and CMO of Samsung Electronics North America, said this morning during his opening keynote at the ANA’s TV & Everything Video conference in New York.

Given what Samsung markets, that’s probably a good thing as far as Santana is concerned. And as much as screens currently are everywhere, he pretty much implied that you haven’t seen anything yet. In fact, you’ll start seeing screens in places you couldn’t even see them before, even when you can’t see the screens themselves. By that, I’m referring to the new “transparent” screens Santana said would soon be rolling out, and would lead to “interesting applications” for both marketers and consumers.

Other “interesting things” occurring with screens will be new “flexible screens,” that are malleable, and can be rolled up, kind of like newspaper in a Harry Potter movie. Santana said those things would start manifesting in the next “six to eight months.”


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