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DuckDuckGo Marks 1M Daily Searches

Despite Google’s near-strangle hold on the market, search start-ups continue to carve out niches for themselves. Take DuckDuckGo, which just reported 1,000,000 searches in a single day. “The growth chart continues to trend in the right direction for DuckDuckGo,” remarks Search Engine Land. “It was just about three weeks ago that we wrote about the search engine setting its own record with 731,000 searches in a single day.

To go from that to more than 1 million in a few weeks is impressive.” The start-up differs from Google in that it draws on crowdsourced sites like Wikipedia when establishing authority in search results. It also creates its own pages of content to provide faster answers. DuckDuckGo had its big day on February 13th with a recored 1,067,006 direct searches, according to its public traffic page. There’s another way to look at the startup’s growth, notes Search Engine Land. “A year ago, on February 13, 2011, DuckDuckGo reported having 176,000 direct searches. It had its first day with 500,000 searches on November 28, 2011.”


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