Set-Top Box Lexicon: Pods

CIMM is taking a pro-active role in advancing new media nomenclature and processes with both its Lexicon(terms and definitions associated with Set-Top-Box data measurement) and Asset Identification Primer (glossary of asset terms). These documents form the basis of this column, which offers a common language for Set-Top-Box nomenclature that can expedite the rollout of the data for its many industry applications.

Continuing on the commercial pod theme from the past weeks, let us now consider the common elements associated with pods. These constants help in the measurement of commercials within the pods and the measurement of full pods within a program or piece of content.

There has been considerable research conducted to ascertain optimal pod length, configuration and positioning. While much of this depends on the type of programming and  audience skew of the examined network, certain truisms such as the primacy of the “A” position (first position in the pod) are still generally accepted in the industry. As pod formations and lengths evolve through the Internet and connected TV, we may see different viewing / usage patterns emerge. So, too, as we are able to examine commercial pods on a second-by-second basis via STB data, we may be better able to discern optimal ad patterns between “sub-minute” commercials - 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds - in relation to each other, and to the programming surrounding them.



Pod Length

See also: Pod

CIMM DEFINITION: The duration of non-programming content that airs during a program break. (Source: Nielsen)

Pod Number

See also: Pod

CIMM DEFINITION: Where the commercial pod is located within an episode, program or time period.

2: The relative position of a pod within a given telecast. (Source: Nielsen)

Pod Position

See also: Pod

CIMM DEFINITION: The position of an individual advertisement within a certain commercial pod.

2: The sequential location of an individual commercial within a pod. (Source: Nielsen)

Please refer to the CIMM Lexicon online at for additional information on these and other terms.

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