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7-Eleven TV Off To Strong Start

7-Eleven TV showed solid results in its first year of operation by increasing both sales and revenue in participating stores, according to Harris Corp., which deployed the digital out-of-home screen technology across 4,344 7-Eleven stores in 2011. In those locations that incorporated 7-Eleven TV, national carbonated beverage brand sales were 17% to 35% higher than in stores that did not use the digital advertising. Targeted Hispanic-language advertising led to a 21% sales increase for a leading national soft drink advertiser, Harris reported.

7-Eleven TV's programming includes entertainment content such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Access Hollywood and G4's Attack of the Show, and custom targeted advertising sold through ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales. Advertisers include major brands such as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Hershey, ESPN and the California Lottery.



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