Mom On The Go: Marketing Travel To Moms

There is this really great line in Bridget Brennan’s book, Why She Buys, that states, “Whether it’s Disney or Dusseldorf, women plan vacations for themselves and their families,” which makes mom an ideal target for travel and destination brands. As we head into the busy spring break season with summer vacation planning in full swing, I wanted to give you some tips for marketing travel to moms:

Make it a Memory

Mom is often the “Chief Memory Maker” and considers the family vacation one more opportunity to create that perfect family experience. Let her know that your destination isn’t just a place of events and activities, but a place where memories are made. No one does this better than Disney with their latest “Together as One” campaign. 

Social Media Is Not Enough

Yes, moms love social media and they certainly do use networks such as Facebook and Twitter to help them finalize their family vacation adventures; however, social media is not enough. You must have a great website—a site that is not only user-friendly, but provides pictures of everything you have to offer. Moms want to actually see where they will be going, not just read about it. And, make sure your best family-features are front and center with all of your on- and offline communication. “A hotel that lets me know they have a room for a family of five is my top choice every time,” says Kim Orlando, founder of



Think Beyond “Little Kids”

“Remember, traveling with kids doesn’t always mean ‘little’ kids,” says Orlando. “Moms are looking for fun stuff for teens, too.” In addition, even if mom is packing for toddlers and preschoolers, she doesn’t necessarily want just ‘the littles’ to have a good vacation. Provide services and details that will make mom and dad relax and enjoy their trip as well.

Bring on the Grandparents

More and more grandparents are participating in (and paying for) the family vacation and are looking for intergenerational activities. Create opportunities for both kids and grandparents by combining learning and fun. 

Regardless of your overall marketing strategy, one thing is for sure when it comes to marketing travel to moms: Be especially respectful of mom’s budget. “Don’t nickel and dime me,” adds Orlando. 

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