CR: 71% Concerned About Online Privacy

A new Consumers Reports survey finds 71% of respondents are very concerned about online companies selling or sharing information about them without their permission. More than half said they were likewise very concerned about advertisers targeting kids with personalized ads based on data collected while they browse the Web.

Beyond that, people were worried about companies holding on to user data, even when they don't need it anymore, and collecting data about their online activities and purchases being used to deny employment or affect their ability to get a loan.

When it comes to smartphone owners, 65% were very concerned that apps could access their contacts, photos, location and other data on their devices without permission. The finding come in the wake of a Federal Trade Commission report last month calling for Congress to consider enacting general privacy legislation as well as new regulations governing data security and breach notification legislation.

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  1. Jeremy Villa from N/A, April 6, 2012 at 3:42 a.m.

    I think this significant increases is a good sign that online personalities are educating themselves and is taking a proactive approach in keeping their online privacy.

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