Chrysler Loves Big TV Events


Chrysler Group will not be an official sponsor or advertiser of the upcoming Olympics on NBC -- but it is still a big fan of major TV events.

Susan Thomson, head of media, social media, and CRM for Chrysler Group, speaking at MediaPost's Outfront event, revealed: "We are doing some things around the Olympics --- which I can't comment on."

Many major marketing companies have done so-call guerrilla-marketing around big events -- such as the Super Bowl -- without paying the high cost. Thomson didn't say whether this was the case.



This is not to say that Chrysler doesn't relish the spotlight -- or controversy. This past February, Chrysler aired the controversial and much-talked-about "Half-Time in America" Super Bowl spot featuring Clint Eastwood.

Thomson says there was much negotiation with NBC to make sure the spot had its own commercial pod during half time to stand out. Overall, she says 17 million YouTube views were gained for the Eastwood-Super Bowl spot.

Coming out of the recession, Chrysler used major TV shows to show consumers that the company still had great products. That resulted in a previous controversial spot featuring Eminem and its "Imported From Detroit' campaign.

Ultimately, says Thomson, it isn't big versus small media. "It is about a mix."

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