David Goetzl Sheds Some Light On The Night The Lights Went Out On Turner's Steve Koonin

MediaPost’s David Goetzl opened with some hard ball pitches during his Q&A with Turner Entertainment chief Steve Koonin, asking him to explain what happen during Turner’s last upfront when the “lights went out on Broadway,” and he was forced to take the stage and ad lib extemporaneously.

As Goetzl, noted, Koonin did a good job, introducing himself as, “I’m Steve Koonin, formerly of Turner Broadcasting.”

Actually, according to Koonin, the glitch was part of a positive Turner attribute that people inside the organization refer to as “Mistakes of aggression,” which Koonin said are generally “applauded.”

In this case, he said Turner simply got too aggressive in the amount of technology, including the number of digital screens, it incorporates in its upfront presentations, and it, “overwhelmed the system.”

Kookin noted that’s not likely to happen again during this year’s Turner upfront, adding that if it does, his “formerly of” intro might actually come true. In other words, it is possible to make too big a mistake of aggression, even inside Turner.


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