How Many Media Can Claim It Is Federally Mandated That Consumers Watch Them?

Heck, I couldn’t think of one until Gary McGure, CEO of RMG Networks, did the first of the Digital OOH Forum’s interstitial minutes this morning. I mean, even the Emergency Broadcasting Service isn’t mandatory (but ignore it at your own peril).

What medium was McGure talking about? In-flight video, which he asserted comes with the added benefit to its advertisers that it is, “FAA-regulated that you must watch it.”

I’m pretty sure the FAA regulation begins and ends with the instructional videos that most people tend to violate federal requirements and simply ignore (you know, that business about looking for your nearest exit and how to inflate your life jacket, etc.), but McGuire made a good point about the uniquely captive nature of in-flight video viewers, who are essentially stuck in their seats and forced to look at the tiny screens in the seat-backs 22-inches in front of them. Well, yeah, sure you could be doing other things, like reading a book, working on your laptop, you iPad, or who knows, even talking to other people – or maybe even sleeping – but those screens are definitely there in front of you. No doubt about that.


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