Guest Edited Section: Intro

When MEDIA magazine asked us to guest-edit the annual look at screens, we wanted to write about many things: Social TV, for example, and the unexpected ways people are using new technology to change when, where and how they watch TV and videos. We wanted to cover some of the unbelievably cool things already on the market (clear TV screens!) and what’s right around the corner, like screens projected onto contact lenses. We wanted to talk about breakthroughs in augmented reality.

But what we really dreamed would happen is that creative — not just ad agency creative types but all kind of media artists — would cook up experiences for the magazine, finding novel ways to turn a static magazine page into something entirely different using technology. We decided not to make many rules, and see what happened, and boy, are we impressed with what they delivered. Compelling fiction. Original art, complete with new music. A new — and more functional way — to use augmented reality.  We couldn’t be happier to have brought all these screen artists under one single tent, and into one issue.

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