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How Investigation Discovery Became 'America's Fastest-Growing Network'

After Discovery Communications created Investigation Discovery (ID) in 2008 as the third reboot of its culture-themed cable channel, the network earned its billing as fastest-growing, writes Sarah Turcotte. It jumped from number 55 to 3 in cable ratings for a key demo, women aged 25 to 34, and added more than 30 million new subscriptions.

This accomplishment was achieved by "making ID an all-day destination" filled with inexpensive true crime and mystery-oriented content, according to Turcotte. "ID shows capitalize on their viewers' affinities for reality TV and crime dramas, and most contain a mix of low-cost reenactments; unpaid interviews with crime victims, their families, and incarcerated prisoners; and commentary from experts who aren't as pricey as, say, David Caruso."



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